The Audi Q5 and Audi Q5 hybrid quattro

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The Q5 combines the dynamics of a sporty sedan with a highly variable interior space. The mid-sized SUV is the ideal companion for active people at any stage of life.

Body and interior

With a height of 1.65 meters (5.41 ft), the 4.63 meter (15.19 ft) Q5 is very low-slung for an SUV. It features sporty proportions and an elegant, muscular design. There are three versions available for the add-on body parts; Audi also offers attractive styling packages. The tailgate, which wraps around the C-pillars, is made of lightweight aluminum, as is the engine hood. The body includes a large proportion of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels.

Interior space is generous, and the luggage compartment’s base capacity of 540 liters (19.07 cubic ft) can be increased to 1,560 liters (55.09 cubic ft) by folding down the rear seat backs. Audi also offers an optional rear bench seat, which can be moved by 100 millimeters (3.94 in) and features a load-through hatch. The front passenger’s seat is available with an optional folding seat back. The front seats can optionally be adjusted, heated and cooled electrically.


Audi offers the Q5 with a choice of six engines: three gasoline engines and three TDI units. All engines are direct injection units; five of them are turbocharged. The torque of the gasoline engines is further boosted by the Audi valvelift system, which switches the valve lift in two stages. Regardless of the engine variant, the Q5 recovers energy during braking; the four-cylinder models with manual transmission also come standard with the start-stop system and a gear-change indicator.

Engine lineup

  • 2.0 TFSI quattro with 132 kW (180 hp)
  • 2.0 TFSI quattro with 155 kW (211 hp)
  • 3.2 FSI quattro with 199 kW (270 hp)
  • 2.0 TDI quattro with 105 kW (143 hp)
  • 2.0 TDI quattro with 125 kW (170 hp)
  • 3.0 TDI quattro with 176 kW (240 hp)


The chassis also contributes to the sporty character of the Audi Q5. The five-link front suspension and the trapezoidal-link rear suspension consist largely of aluminum components; the large brakes ensure rapid deceleration. The optional Audi drive select system manages the engine’s throttle response, the steering characteristic and the shift points of S tronic. Two components that can be combined are adaptive damper control and dynamic steering.

The Audi Q5 also holds its own in rough terrain: the electronic stabilization program (ESP) and the anti-lock brake system (ABS) both have an offroad mode. The ESP features an additional function for road driving: If a roof rack is mounted, thus raising the center of gravity, the system intervenes somewhat sooner at the limit of handling.


On request, Audi equips the Q5 with high-tech systems typical of the full-size category. Audi lane assist helps to keep in lane, while Audi side assist warns of possible hazards when changing lanes. The adaptive cruise control system maintains the desired interval between the performance SUV and the vehicle ahead. An attractive range of multimedia modules is also available, ranging from the hard drive-based MMI navigation plus navigation system to a sound system from Bang & Olufsen.

The Audi Q5 hybrid quattro

Rounding out the Q5 family is the Q5 hybrid quattro, with deliveries scheduled to begin late this year. The performance SUV is the first full hybrid in the B premium segment to be offered anywhere in the world with lithium-ion batteries standard.

Designed as a parallel hybrid, the Audi Q5 hybrid quattro combines the performance of a six-cylinder model with the fuel economy of a four-cylinder version. Power is provided by a 2.0 TFSI with 155 kW (211 hp) and an electric motor with up to 40 kW (54 hp) and 210 Nm (154.89 lb-ft) of torque. System output is 180 kW (245 hp).

The Audi Q5 hybrid reaches 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 7.1 seconds from a standing start and has a top speed of 225 km/h (139.81 mph). At a constant speed of 60 km/h (37.28 mph), it has a purely electric range of up to three kilometers (1.86 miles), and its top speed of 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in electric mode also sets standards. Average fuel consumption is 6.9 liters per 100 km (34.09 US mpg), corresponding to CO2 emissions of 159 grams per km (255.89 g/mile).

The performance SUV can operate in one of five drive modes: Driving with the combustion engine alone, with the electric drive alone or in hybrid mode is possible, as are recuperation and boosting. The driver can choose between three modes. The EV characteristic map gives priority to the electric drive in the city; the D mode controls both the engine and the electric motor for optimal consumption; and the S mode is designed for a sporty driving style.

An extensively modified eight-speed tiptronic serves the power transmission, without the aid of a torque converter. Instead there is the disc-shaped electric motor, which is combined with a multi-plate clutch. It connects and disconnects the electric motor and the TFSI precisely, gently and quickly in every situation.

A lithium-ion battery system, weighing a mere 36.7 kg (80.91 lb), serves as the energy store for the electric motor. The compact unit beneath the cargo floor hardly reduces luggage space at all. The battery provides 1.3 kWh of nominal energy and 39 kW of power. Two different methods are used to air-cool the battery, depending on need: with air from the passenger compartment or with air from a cooling circuit coupled to the main automatic air conditioning system.

With a curb weight of just 1,910 kg (4,210.83 lb), the Audi Q5 hybrid quattro is the lightest hybrid SUV on the global market. Its hybrid components weigh less than 130 kilograms (286.60 lb).

The equipment, data and prices specified in this document refer to the model range offered in Germany. Subject to change without notice; errors and omissions excepted.

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