22:39:08 SaveTheTTs looking for driver side front axle/half shaft torque specs for 2002 TT Quattro...6 upper bolts and the axle shoulder bold
21:53:56 peouser I am confused. I need help on How to remove decoration list above rear license plate on an Audi a8 D3 2005, please advice me.
11:45:46 Quat Anyone know were to get a autotester for a v8 3,6
19:58:20 Hasib Hello
22:47:51 udm Register here and be pleasantly surprised what all the functionalities the web offers to its users.
18:17:44 hkidkw60 my new mail is ( husdkw60@yahoo.com)
18:41:16 hkidkw60 workshop manual for audi 80 2.3 1992
19:57:57 hkidkw60 Any one help???
19:56:08 hkidkw60 I need workshop manual for audi 80 2.3 1992 to be viewed on this website
19:24:47 teddylor>> i guess no one cares and no one knows how to answer my question
19:22:22 teddylor>> which one is better for my 2001 audi S3
19:21:33 teddylor>> does anyone campared with REVO ans GIAC remapping pls?
22:54:14 shampson>> Does anyone know the best way I can get and English version of these?
22:53:59 shampson>> My German is not good enough to understand most of the owners manual and radio manual.
22:53:41 shampson>> I am working in Germany for some months now, and I'm buying a 2003 A4 Cabrio from a colleague.
22:53:14 shampson>> Hi....new member here....Steve.